Friday, March 2, 2012


Unfortunately, this will be our last blog from here.  It's become too cumbersome to upload photos and check our emails in the 20 mins they give us for free and the laptop is too heavy to lug around town searching for free wi fi. Check back shortly for updates from home.

Today we did our triple challenge, which was rafting (fabulous and would do that again in a heartbeat). 
 About to set off, we are anticipating some fun.

Coming out of the tunnel over the last rapid.  It may not look like it but we were enjoying ourselves.

We also had a ride on the jet boat which we could do without really. We didn't feel the need to scream and squeal in delight like a lot of the others. We bought the photos from the rafting but not the jetboating.  Unfortunately, the helicopter bit was cancelled due to low numbers but we went up to the Peak by gondola after an arduous trek up the hill and are now very tired.

One challenge we DIDN'T do today!


  1. Why did you not do the parachute? It looks spectacular!
    Can't wait to see all the photos.

  2. It does look spectacular. I have actually done it before but not from that high. I don't know about Pam but I never even gave it a thought! I guess I think of it as a young person's activity. Although you could say that about rafting too and that was lots of fun. Hope you like the photos.