Saturday, May 24, 2014


For reasons known only to the interweb, this post was mis-dated (guessed a date to fix it), and half has been lost.
Unbelievably, after declaring she would never again go bush walking after recovering from the "Big Bush Adventure", Bottoms found herself once more heading out to the Scenic Rim with Cat. What a smooth talker that Cat is.  This time, however, Bottoms was armed with her own walking stick and a wonderfully sturdy pair of walking boots.  Helpfully, the weather was fair and she had been training by walking up hill and down dale around her home.  Cat had also continued her own training.  They were both feeling secretly smug and fairly certain they would not be last back to the cars.

They had been heartened to read that the Mt Mattheson Circuit is only 8km and listed as "easy with some moderate rough sections". 

Arriving a teensie bit late at the rendezvous, they followed Possum's car to the carpark where they were able to take advantage of the composting toilets before starting out.

Both had a good feeling about this walk.  This time, all participants were women and included Possum's mother whom Bottoms dubbed 'Mother of the Guide'.

They enjoyed the easy walk first up as they made their way up towards the summit of Mt Mattheson.  Possum again was a font of knowledge about the flora and was first to spot a Greenhood orchid aka Pterostylis curta and so we managed not to trample it into the ground. 
This photo demonstrates how difficult it was to see. 

Here it is close up. All were glad it wasn't destroyed (awkward moment avoided). 

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